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  • Appui a la lutte contre le trafic d enfants 1 et 2

    Appui à la lutte contre le trafic d'enfants 1 et 2

    European Development Fund (EDF)

    CARE France

    1.900.000€ (30.000€ of EU contribution)


    Objectives and results
    The project intended to improve living conditions and the respect for children's rights. Further the project aimed at combating cross-border child trafficking.

    To this end, attention was paid to strengthening institutional mechanisms to address child trafficking, to reducing structural causes of child exploitation and trafficking and to securing better working conditions for children.

    Several activities were developed to improve the professional skills of children.

    Publications and other resources
    Rapport de Monitoring Benin – Renforcement des capacités locales pour la promotion et la protection des droits de l'enfant au Benin

    Further information
    CARE France


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