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  • Trafficking in Human Beings: New Challenges, New Partnerships - (CAT)




    Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME)


    € 245 000 (€ 164 000 of EU support)


    November 2005 — January 2007


    Ministry of Justice, Romania; Ministry of Interior, Lithuania; Caritas Czech Republic, Prague; Missing Persons´ Families Support Centre, Vilnius; Police Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany; Caritas Essen, Germany; AIDRom, Bucharest; CHASTE (Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking in Europe, London; KSPM (Reintegration Centre Migrants Church of Greece), Athens; World Association of Young Women's Christian Associations, Geneva.

    Objectives and results

    The objective was to develop the partnership cooperation between NGOs, churches, public institutions and law enforcement and judicial authorities. It aimed at sharing best practices and formulating practical responses and communication strategies to combat trafficking.

    Several meetings took place during the project. They focused on the following questions:

    • integrated approach to all forms of trafficking — how experience gathered on trafficking for sexual exploitation can be used to tackle other aspects of exploitation
    • inter-agency cooperation — how the expertise developed in current networks among law enforcement bodies and the judiciary can be shared and how the cooperation can be extended to include additional NGOs;
    • identification and detection — how to detect more subtle forms of exploitation and according to which indicators;
    • communication — how to address experts and broad public among heated but often poorly-informed debates on trafficking, e.g. around the football world cup;
    • new challenges — how the EU support to anti-trafficking initiatives could be modified to enhance its impact.


    Publications and other resources

    • An explorative study on European cooperation projects related to trafficking’
    • A booklet ‘Action orientated guide for awareness raising and social assistance — new challenges, new partnerships’


    Further information

    Mr Torsten Moritz, Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) -