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  • Christian Action and Networking against Trafficking in Women (CAT) II, phase I




    Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe, Belgium


    € 242 000 (€ 146 000 of EU support)


    December 2003 — March 2005


    Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Suisse, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro

    Objectives and results

    The CAT II project was launched by churches and church-related agencies. Given their charitable approach to persons in distress, they are involved in assisting victims of trafficking and raising public awareness of the issue. Their broad network allows them to reach both the local and international level and to be active in areas where public and other civil society actors are less present.

    CAT II promoted cooperation between NGOs, law enforcement officials and other practitioners from the public sector on preventing and combating trafficking, analysing the demand and assisting the victims.

    Major elements of the project were enlarging the network of Christian organisations and their public partners, training, exchange of best practice and a political dialogue.

    Further information

    Tortsten Moritz, Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe –