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  • Combating Trafficking and Debt Bondage of Indonesian Migrants in South East Asia: Piloting a Replicable Demonstration Model for International Cooperation

    Budget Line

    2007/130-579 - AENEAS

    Countries/Regions - Indonesia and Malaysia


    ASBL International Catholic Migration Commission Europe, (ICMC) -


    1.120.00€ (880.000€ of EU contribution)




    Indonesian State Ministry for Women’s Empowerment (Kementerian Negara Pemberdayaan Perempuan - KPP); Tenaganita of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Objectives and results

    The overall objective of the project was to establish effective and complementary national, local and cross-border policies, legislation as well as mechanisms and actions to prevent trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants between Indonesia and Malaysia.

    To this end, the following activities were undertaken:

    • situation analysis on trafficking connected to debt bondage in six targeted Indonesian provinces
    • holding of workshops and production of materials in order to raise awareness, build political will and educate and motivate stakeholders,
    • capacity development for legislators, administrators, police, prosecutors and civil society,
    • establishment of district, municipal and cross-border counter-trafficking task forces and
    • training for and technical assistance to district and municipal governments.

    The project contributed to a 20 percent decrease (based on data for one year) in the number of persons trafficked from the six selected Indonesian provinces to the primary destinations in Sabah.

    Publications and other resources

    Counter-trafficking efforts in South East Asia centre on raising awareness, protecting human dignity

    Further information

    Mr. Fatimana Agustinanto, ICMC South East Asia, National Programme Manager -


    Law enforcement