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  • Italy Albania and Greece against Trafficking of Women and Minors


    2007/130158 - AENEAS


    Italy, Albania, Greece


    Centre of Information and Education on Development (CDE), Italy


    1.250.000€ (1.000.000e of EU contribution)




    Centro Informazione e Educazione allo Sviluppo (CIES), Children of the World and of Albania (FBSH), Tjeter Vizion (TV), Greek Federation of Industrial Workers' Unions (OBES), Albanian Ministry of Interior and Italian Ministry of Interior

    Objectives and results

    The overall objective was to develop cooperation among national and regional institutions in the partner countries in order to consolidate strategies for combating trafficking of minors and women from the Balkans while at the same time improving prevention, protection and reintegration measures of victims into society.

    Furthermore, a lot of attention was devoted to improving the quality of national and regional statistics, reports and data, and to improving the message to the Albanian public and potential victims of trafficking on the dangers of irregular migration and opportunities for legal migration.

    The specific objective of the action was to strengthen the partnership between Italy, Greece and Albania in three intervention areas, namely exchange of best practices, training and service,information and public awareness raising.

    The following actions were undertaken:

    • Exchange of best practices (seminars, conferences and regional meetings with institutional and social stakeholders),
    • Training courses for local operators and cultural-linguistic mediators and
    • Information and public awareness raising campaigns such as monthly discussion groups with women and children victims of trafficking and domestic violence and members of ethnic and linguistic minorities.

    Publications and other resources

    Research Report on Trafficking Situation in Albania

    Further information

    Paola Berbeglia -; Silvana Grispino,  Project Manager, CIES Albania -