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  • Our efforts to eradicate trafficking in all its forms

    In the article published on the website, Myria Vassiliadou lists the most important steps the EU has undergone since she holds a mandate as EU Anti-trafficking Coordinator.

    A harmonised legal framework throughout the EU has been set up to help create a climate where trafficking is no longer considered a low risk, high profit crime.

    A year has gone by since Directive 2011/36/EU was adopted. The Directive has proven to concretely demonstrate the political will to tackle the problem.

    Then the EU Coordinator points out that if the Directive is fully transposed by April 2013 as required, it has a potential for an actual impact on the victims’ lives and preventing other people from falling as victims.

    In order to improve cooperation between different policy areas, seven Justice and Home Affairs EU-agencies have signed a joint statement to work together on human rights, prevention and prosecution aspects of trafficking.


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    EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, 2012, International Organisation, Organised Crime