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Agriculture - The tasty bunch - Eat it, Drink it, Move it

Food stories - Milk and dairy products: Episode II

  • Milk

    Hi guys. What's up?

  • Image Yoghurt: Not great.

  • Image Cheese: Sorry to hear that, come on, tell us more!

  • Image Yoghurt: I'm a bit desperate. I have the feeling that nobody likes us - that we're of no use to anyone. We're always on our own. We don't have any friends!

  • Image Milk: What are you talking about? Stop crying. Everybody needs milk and other dairy products like us. We have so much to offer. We come in so many varieties and taste so good! And yoghurt goes great with fruit, honey, cereals and loads of other stuff. Also, try adding some cheese to roasted vegetables - delicious!

  • Image Sheep: Second, we're really good for people's health. We give kids and teenagers loads of things to help them grow. But it's not just teens. We're also good for people of all ages. We help people keep healthy bones throughout their lives - as you probably know the danger of a break or fracture increases as you get older.

  • Image Cow: Eating and drinking plenty of dairy products helps you to stay in good shape later in life.

  • Image Yoghurt: OK, but they say that lots of people are overweight because of us.

  • ImageCheese: Rubbish! Remember that there are all kinds of milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products. People can buy less fatty dairy products - you can always find info about fat content on the label. It's actually a good idea to try different tastes and vary the dairy products you eat.

  • Image Milk: But milk and dairy products won't make you healthy by themselves. They need help from their fruit and vegetable friends and other food stuff. A balanced diet is not about just one ingredient. And you could say the same about a healthy lifestyle: you should not just eat the right things but also get plenty of exercise. But it's clear that dairy products and fruit and vegetables are really important.

  • Image Sheep: So let's hear it for The Tasty Bunch! :-)

The School Milk Project


The School Milk Project employs Facilitators who work with schools and Local Authorities to help promote milk production and dairy farming, the importance of milk as part of a balanced diet, and the implementation of milk schemes to encourage more children to drink milk at school.

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