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Food stories - Milk & dairy products: Episode I

  • Cow

    Hi guys… I have some awful news. I won't be there this weekend for our hike… :-( My granny has broken her leg and I'm going to take care of her.

  • Image Milk: Oh no! Poor thing. How did it happen?!

  • Image Cow: I don't really know. She just slipped on the kitchen floor, but it wasn't a major bump so I don't understand why she hurt her leg so badly. Now it's been put in plaster for a whole month. I feel so sorry for her! :-(

  • Image Yoghurt: Could it be down to a lack of calcium… Does she drink milk regularly and eat dairy products?

  • Image Cow: Milk? Dairy products? I don't think so…I don't either, except when my parents make me!

  • Image Milk: But Cow, milk and dairy products contain lots of calcium, which your bones and teeth really need. Your bones are what give your body structure, so that you can sit, stand and move around.

  • Image Cheese: As you grow, your bones need to grow as well. Your bones grow faster during childhood and your teenage years than during the rest of your life. So to make sure that those bones of yours are strong enough to "carry" you throughout your whole life it's vital to have plenty of calcium in your daily diet. Tell your granny too!

  • Image Sheep: You can do that by regularly drinking milk and eating dairy products while you're growing up. They are some of the most calcium-rich foods you can find.

  • ImageMilk: But calcium from milk and dairy products isn't just essential for healthy bones. Your teeth are covered by something called enamel. It's the hardest substance in your body! Without this strong layer on your teeth - which are mostly made of calcium - you couldn't even eat a banana without feeling pain.

  • Image Sheep: Also, cells are everywhere in your body: in your blood, in your skin, in your muscles and so on. They are constantly working hard to make sure that your body does what you want it to. But they need a lot of protein and vitamins to do so. Milk and dairy products contain these important nutrients.

  • Image Yoghurt: Not many people know this, but along with other important things, milk actually contains a lot of water. So milk can also play an important role in your body's hydration.

  • Image Cow: Thanks guys! I'll tell my granny all this and follow your advice myself. No more broken legs in the family!

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