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  • Leek

    Hi guys! My school is organising a sports day this weekend and it's open to friends! We're going to do a lot of different sports: tennis, football, basketball, athletics, swimming, archery, skateboarding, diving, table tennis, ice-skating, karate, etc. Everybody will get the chance to have a go at everything. Now I need four team members…Who's up for it?

  • ImageRadish : That sounds great! I really like sports. I'm with you.

  • ImageCheese : I've never played basketball… I'd like to have a go. Ready to win, Captain! :-)

  • ImageApple : This team needs me too. I'm in!

  • ImageLeek : And you Mushroom?

  • ImageMushroom : Oh, no thanks. You know that I'm really bad at sports… I´ll make you lose!

  • ImageRadish : What are you talking about? It's just for fun. The main aim is to have a good time together. Go on!

  • ImageApple : Don't make excuses! Lots of people, like you, aren't interested in playing sport or getting involved in physical activities. Like you, they have loads of excuses to avoid it:

    • "I love watching TV", "I don't want to miss my favourite TV programme";
    • "I prefer playing computer games"
    • "Sport isn't cool"
    • "None of my friends do it"
    • "I don't want to get too beefy"
    • "I don't like joining teams"
    • etc.
  • ImageCheese : Don't you find that it feels good to be fit?

  • ImageMushroom : Well, I watch what I eat….fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, etc.

  • ImageLeek : Sure, eating a balanced diet is really important for a healthy lifestyle. But it's not enough by itself.

  • ImageApple : Healthy eating plus exercise. That's the perfect formula for being fit! Physical activity is good for us but we often avoid it. Why? The main reason is that we confuse physical activity with high-level sport. You don't need to be a sports champion to be healthy! Exercise doesn't have to be hard. Just remember that movement is movement: the more you do, the healthier you are. Doing sport is the best way to move but more gentle activities count as well - like walking, playing games in the park, helping your parents in the garden, doing odd jobs at home, walking the dog and tidying up.

  • ImageRadish : If you're not ready for weekly or daily sport, there are lots of simple ways to "start small":

    • Turn off the TV or the computer. At least once a week do something more physical than sitting on the sofa.
    • Do some household chores. They're not very testing activities but they will keep you moving while making your parents happy!
    • Walk more. Each time you have the opportunity, use the stairs. Leave lifts and escalators to older people. Take the dog out.
  • ImageCheese : Maybe you could make a list of everything you do in a typical week. If you see that you spend too much time on your sofa :-), make a new list in which you try to find new ways to move more.

  • ImageApple : Me, I made a list with the advantages and disadvantages of sport and physical activities. Put it to the test. If you tell the truth then the pluses always outweigh the minuses!

    Sports and physical activities: advantages and disadvantages


    Better physical condition

    Better shape

    You'll make friends

    It keeps you busy

    It gives you a better self-image

    It avoids obesity


    You need time to do it

    Risk of sports injuries

    Can be expensive

    It takes time before you notice the effect

  • ImageLeek : Well, Mister Mush… Convinced? Ready to join the dream team?

  • ImageMushroom : With pleasure - next time! This weekend I have to clean my bedroom, wash my mum's car and take the dog out! :-)



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