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Food stories - Fruit: Episode II

  • Cherries

    Our first holiday's party of the new school year is getting closer and I need to go shopping as this year we'll be the chief cooks at the party … who's coming to help?

  • ImagePear We're all ready to help you out of course. What kind of food are you looking for?

  • ImageCherries Plenty of fresh, in-season fruit of course! They're the tastiest. Fresh, locally harvested foods taste the best. All fruit and vegetables taste their best and have plenty of vitamins when harvested fresh from the field.

  • ImagePear … but won't it be a little bit boring to eat in-season fruit all the year round?

  • ImageOrange Wait a minute - there are plenty of fruit in all seasons.

    You have just to think that some of them grow near by us, and others come from the other side of the world, where they are in season. It's up to you to decide which one you prefer.

  • ImageCherries Many top chefs and restaurants are great supporters of fresh, in-season fruit grown in our countryside as well. They're all well aware of how much better they are.

  • ImageApple … and you go easier on the wallet as well! When fruit are produced in-season, the abundance of the crop usually makes it less expensive.

  • ImagePear But then we won't have any fruit in the winter! Fruit grow just when it's warm and sunny.

  • ImageCherries How are you so sure? … You'll be surprised to find that a wide variety of crops are harvested in the fall and winter.

  • ImageApple I - for example - am harvested in the fall together with grapes & figs!

  • ImageOrange and most citrus fruit are harvested in the winter!

  • ImageCherries We grow some fruit ourselves in our garden so that can pick them when they're just perfectly ripe. It's fun to enjoy them at their peak! And when we need other fruit we pay a visit to some local market or directly to the farmers. Some of them can sell us their fruit.

  • ImagePear That's a good idea! Let's check which fruit is in-season pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] български (bg) čeština (cs) dansk (da) Deutsch (de) eesti keel (et) ελληνικά (el) español (es) français (fr) italiano (it) latviešu valoda (lv) lietuvių kalba (lt) magyar (hu) Nederlands (nl) polski (pl) português (pt) română (ro) slovenčina (sk) slovenščina (sl) suomi (fi) svenska (sv) then, and we'll never run out of vitamins!




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