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Food stories - Fruits: Episode I

  • Pear

    Hey Apple … how's life? Any plans for the weekend?

  • ImageApple I was thinking of heading to the beach …

  • Image Pear Great idea, count me in! Let's organise a picnic and some games. I'll bring the food and you can bring the ball! J

  • Image Cherries Hey … don't forget us! Remember to bring lots of fruit for our picnic! There are so many different, delicious ways to eat fruit - banana chips, raisins and all sorts of dried fruit like apple rings and pineapple pieces. Yum. But when summer comes, my favourite way is simple, sweet, fresh juicy fruit ripe off the plant. And there are so many different colours so you are eating a wide range of different vitamins and minerals.

  • Image Orange That's right, fruit contains all this good stuff and much more. It helps you to stay in good health!

  • Image Cherries So much the better, because you'll need to be in top shape for the weekend. We'll bring our rackets along and challenge all of you! ;-)

  • Image Pear Oh - oh! We'll be in a sweat if we play with these two crazy cherries. L Luckily we'll have plenty of fruit, which is also a good thing to hydrate your body and they taste so good.

  • Image Orange Yeah, fresh fruit is the ideal food when you're exercising. A lot of athletes love eating sweet, high-water content fruit like me, melons or watermelons, after a workout.

  • Image Pear And it's so cool to imagine all these fruits that become juices - you don't even have to wash or peel them ;-)

  • Image Cherries And fructose, the fruit sugar they contain is perfectly absorbed by the body.

  • Image Orange Sure, and it's just natural. And what is different from sugar you buy in packets, is that fruits are also full of fibre, which is very useful for a good diet

  • Image Apple Well, I prefer crunchy fruit pieces. You prefer juices or smoothies. That's all great! The thing is to eat - or drink - fruit!

  • Image Cherries You eat or drink it, all together with other tasty stuff. Get a bit of different food. Try different tastes and colours. This is so much more fun!

  • Image Pear In that case, I'll bring at least five portions of fruit for each of us along to the picnic.

  • Image Cherries Go for it! In fact, you should eat at least five portions of fruit or veggies a day if you want to maintain a balanced diet.

  • Image Orange Really? I didn't know that. Then I'll always make sure I eat some fruit at breakfast and with or between meals.

  • Image Apple You know -better take a piece of crunchy fruit when you are a bit hungry between the meals.

  • Image Orange So I can eat my healthy fruity snack before my meals. It's easy to eat while you're on the go!

  • Image Apple Now I understand why people have been eating fruit for thousands of years. It's been a part of our diet since forever! J

  • Image Pear … Hey guys! I already have some great ideas for our picnic. What do you think of this recipe?

    Fruit salad

    • Wash and take out the cores of 3 or 4 large apples, and then dice them (no need to peel them, but if you prefer - do so)
    • Slice 4 or 5 bananas

    Then add:

    • other fruits that you like (peaches, pears and grapes work well)
    • 1 can of crushed pineapple
    • 1 large mug of homemade lemonade (squeeze some lemons and add some honey and water)

    Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl … serve and enjoy!

    It's fun to be fit.

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