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About the campaign

About the campaign

Eating smart - It's never too early to learn or too late to change.

Want to be fit, active and healthy? The Tasty Bunch is here to help! If you aren't sure what you need to be eating, or you just need reminding, the Tasty Bunch characters show you how to make the smart choice. Fit is fun with the Tasty Bunch!

By checking out the website, playing the games and winning prizes you'll be learning all you need to know to make smart choices about the food you eat.

To make it easier, the EU is boosting fruit, vegetables and milk products in schools and, in some parts of Europe, a road show is on its way to you. Running through October and November, the Tasty Bunch van could be appearing at your school, to get you to eat it, drink it, move it!

Why does it matter?

The EU is helping you to munch on tasty fruit and vegetables and drink cool milk because if you eat smart when you are young, you'll carry on. With more and more kids becoming overweight, now is the time for action. Being overweight can be very bad for your health - eating well can save you a lot of trouble later.

The Tasty Bunch campaign - giving you the information you need to make the right choices.

The campaign, developed by the part of the EU responsible for farming, aims to empower kids with knowledge. Launching on the 28th September, Tasty Bunch characters will guide you along the path to a healthier life.

If you feel good and in control of what you are eating - making smart choices and knowing what's what - you'll work better too. You'll feel less tired and less fed up because often your energy levels are related to what you are eating.

So come on board and join the Tasty Bunch as they set out to give you the info you need to make the right choices for a healthy life.

Eat it, drink it, move it!

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