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What does the enlarged Europe think of the common agricultural policy (CAP)?

66% of European Union citizens believe that granting more funds for the protection and development of the overall rural economy and for direct support to farmers is a good thing, according to the results of the latest Eurobarometer poll. In the first survey of its type to be carried out in the 25 EU Member States, a clear majority have said that they support recent changes in the common agricultural policy (CAP) and would like to see the way in which it supports EU farmers continue to evolve further along these lines.

Have a look at some interesting findings below, or read the full report for more information.

  • 57 % of Europeans believe that the CAP is doing a good job in ensuring that agricultural products are healthy and safe.
  • 55 % think that the CAP plays its role fairly well in promoting the respect of the environment.
  • 48 % believe that the CAP is making European agriculture more competitive on world markets.
  • 47 % of EU citizens believe that the CAP is supportive in favouring methods of organic production.
  • 29 % of Europeans (9 % more than in 2003 and 2002), recognise the importance of information on the geographical origin of the food and the role that the CAP plays in this respect.
  • Respondents in Cyprus and Malta seem to agree the most with the advantages presented by the CAP (76 % of Cypriots and 72% of Maltese believe the CAP ensures that the food you buy is safe to eat) while citizens in Sweden and Denmark are somewhat less convinced by these advantages (25 % and 31 % respectively).



Europeans and the Common Agricultural Policy (02/2005) [pdf]



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