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Rural Development in the European Union - Statistical and economic information

This annual report provides, at national and regional levels, statistical and economic information covering the three objectives of Rural Development policy 2007-2013. An overview of Rural Development budget over the 2007-2013 period is included together with the first information on the financial monitoring of RD programs in EU-27 and in Candidate Countries.


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Rural Development Indicators

The indicators are extracted from the 2013 report "Rural Development in the EU – Statistical and Economic Information" and derived from the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (CMEF), which provides a single framework for monitoring and evaluation of all rural development interventions for the programming period 2007-2013.


They are presented according to the following broad thematic groups:

  • Importance of rural areas
  • Socio-economic situation of rural areas
  • Sectoral economic indicators
  • Environment
  • Diversification and quality of life


Rural development indicators 2013 pdf - 206 KB [206 KB]




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