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Sheep and goats

Sheepmeat and goatmeat

The European Union is far from being self-sufficient in the sheepmeat and goatmeat sector and imports considerable quantities, mainly from New Zeeland and Australia. Sheepmeat and goatmeat belong to the products covered by the Single Common Market Organisation.

With around 98 million heads in 2011 (85% sheep and 14% goats) and a total yearly production of about 985 000 tonnes carcass weight, the EU is far from being self-sufficient for this sector.

The UK (Scotland leading) and Spain are the main producing Member States. These two Member States represent together already 46% of the EU's total production. Greece, France, Romania, Ireland, Germany and Italy count for another 44%, which leaves a small 10% for the remaining 19 Member States.

The EU has a self sufficiency of 84% and exports a negligible part of its total production, while imports account for around 221 000 tonnes mainly from New Zeeland and Australia.



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