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School Fruit Scheme



  • Gutessen consulting Deutsch

    Gutessen consulting offers nutrition-related advisory services, with the focus on public catering (schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc). Gutessen consulting takes a holistic approach to nutrition: it has lengthy experience of optimising the quality of meals by balancing nutritional, physiological, ecological (use of ecological and seasonal produce from local providers) and economic aspects and, of course, customer expectations and preferences.

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  • The Walnut Trail in Périgord pdf [322 KB] français

    The purpose of the Route de la Noix is to introduce visitors to the professions, expertise and traditions of walnut producers and the sector generally, right through to the marketing stage: orchard tours, presentation of harvesting and packaging equipment, product sales, and so on.

  • Teaching gardens in Normandy pdf [248 KB] français

    In France, CIVAMs (rural promotion and development agencies) have been working to make nutritious meals a feature of school canteens, chiefly by re-introducing fresh fruit and vegetables. Despite the quality of the meals on offer, many children were refusing to try foods alien to their daily diet. This prompted the idea of growing vegetables with classes of schoolchildren in order to bring the child closer to the world of horticulture and thus instil in them a desire to sample and then consume fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.

  • SISQA français

    The SISQA is an international fair dedicated to food quality. It was initiated by the French region of Midi-Pyrénées.

  • Produire et manger bio en PACA pdf [401 KB] français

    Piloté par le conseil régional, le programme «Produire et manger bio en PACA» affiche un double objectif: développer l’agriculture biologique sur le territoire régional pour maintenir et développer une agriculture durable en PACA, et améliorer la qualité des repas servis en collectivité pour répondre aux préoccupations actuelles de santé publique.

  • La cuisine du Languedoc-Roussillon à Fruit Logistica pdf [358 KB] français

    Aujourd'hui, Fruit Logistica est le seul salon international exclusivement destiné à la filière des fruits et légumes.

  • Healthy eating in Normandy pdf [312 KB] français

    The IRQUA institute for agri-foodstuffs quality in Normandy, in close contact with each of its partners, wanted to take concerted action to promote products from Normandy within a health and nutrition framework and also encourage healthy eating in the region.

  • Aquitaine farm project pdf [376 KB] français

    This project was devised within the framework of the 2006 Aquitaine agricultural show, which was centred on three pillars (animals, the land, farms in Aquitaine).

  • Apples from the Loire Valley pdf [659 KB] français

    For several years, the Pomme du Val de Loire initiative has been developing a communication strategy which spotlights one of the region's flagship products: apples.


  • Teaching farms in Emilia-Romagna pdf [471 KB] français

    This network of 287 farming operations opens its doors to visits from schools and organised groups. With an original approach and real-life themes, such as promoting a better diet, the farms provide a venue for active teaching, explaining the origins of production and the link between farm produce and what we eat.

  • Les fermes ouvertes en Émilie-Romagne pdf [300 KB] français

    Le projet «Fermes ouvertes et pédagogiques» a été lancé en 1998 par la région Émilie-Romagne, en collaboration avec les provinces et avec le soutien technico-organisationnel de l’Observatoire agroenvironnemental. Le projet prévoit de créer un réseau régional d’exploitations agricoles, représentatives des typologies productives de la région, permettant d’exposer les thématiques de l’éducation alimentaire et les produits typiques et de réduire le décalage existant entre le monde rural et les villes.

  • Frutta Snack italiano

    The Frutta Snack project sets out to provide a model for promoting the consumption of fruit in combination with teaching activities relative to health. In the process it informs people about actions on the ground, such as making ready-to-eat, high-quality fresh produce available from automatic dispensers.

  • Fruit and vegetables in Piedmont pdf [154 KB] français

    Against the background of crisis in the markets, as embodied by an increase in competition from beyond Europe and stagnant consumption, the Piedmont regional authorities decided to develop a communication campaign aimed at making it possible to promote fruit and vegetables among the region's consumers.


  • Schoolgruiten Nederlands

    Schoolgruiten is a teaching programme to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables in schools through the medium of classroom activities. Nederlands


  • Naranjas y mandarinas, tus mejores amigos (Les oranges et les clémentines sont tes meilleurs amis) pdf français

    L’objectif de cette campagne est de promouvoir la consommation d’agrumes auprès des élèves du primaire de la communauté de Valence. Il s’agit, en fonction de l’âge des enfants, de leur expliquer les caractéristiques et les propriétés des différents agrumes, mais aussi de leur monter les bénéfices d’une alimentation saine et équilibrée.

  • FRUINARIA pdf [428 KB] français

    The project aims to create a network of gastronomic trails in the comarcas (counties) of Lleida province on the theme of cooking with fruit.

  • Apadrina: a college in Andalucia pdf [131 KB] français

    This project is open to all schools expressing concern about the food being eaten by their youngest pupils. These same schools then undertake - with the help of the "5 al día" (5 a day) association - to apply the special teaching programme, to convey the importance of healthy eating to parents, and to include fruit and vegetables on school menus as a matter of course.

  • "Génération Naturelle" pdf [365 KB] français

    The promotional campaign's primary aim is to make the consumption of fruit "fashionable" among adolescents (aged 12 to 16), who constitute the main role models for younger children through the example they set.

United Kingdom

  • The 5 A DAY website encourages people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

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