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Assessment of the EU School Fruit and Vegetables and School Milk Schemes

In 2015, the Commission undertook an assessment of the School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme and the School Milk Scheme that operate under the remit of the CAP.

This assessment exercise is set to verify:

  • whether EU action in this area can demonstrate clear EU added value in line with the Treaty requirements on subsidiarity;
  • whether the content and the form of EU action are proportionate and do not exceed what is necessary to achieve the objectives pursued, and
  • whether EU action is efficient, effective, relevant and coherent, pursuing its objectives with the least burdens and costs to citizens, businesses and administrations in line with the Commission's Better Regulation policy.


>> Read the final report (12/2015):

"Results of the Evaluation of the School Fruit and Vegetables and School Milk Schemes against the Principles of Subsidiarity, Proportionality and Better Regulation" pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]



For this assessment, Terms of Reference were developed by the Commission, the Commission invited the interested public to provide their views and comments to the document.


>> Read the Terms of Reference


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