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Rural Development policy 2007-2013

Common monitoring and evaluation framework

The Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (CMEF) provides a single framework for monitoring and evaluation of all rural development interventions for the programming period 2007-2013. The CMEF establishes means for improving programme performance, ensuring the accountability of programmes and allowing an assessment on the achievement of established objectives.

The CMEF is laid down in a set of documents drawn up by the Commission and agreed with Member States. These documents were put together in a handbook which includes a series of evaluation guidelines and guidance fiches on the common indicators for monitoring and evaluation. The indicators are also included in annex VIII of Commission Regulation 1974/2006 laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation 1698/2005 on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).   


Guidance document [pdf]

Also available in: bgcsdadeelesetfritlvlthunlplptroskslfisv


Annex 1 – General guidance

A – Choice and use of indicators [pdf]

Also available in: bgcsdadeelesetfritlvlthunlplptroskslfisv

B - Evaluation Guidelines [pdf]

Also available in: bgcsdadeelesetfritlvlthunlplptroskslfisv

C - Ex-ante Evaluation Guidelines including Strategic Environmental Assessment [pdf]

Also available in: bgcsdadeelesetfritlvlthunlplptroskslfisv


Annex 2 – Programming and measure guidance

D – Hierarchy of Objectives [pdf]

E – Measure Fiches [pdf]


Annex 3 – Indicator guidance

F – Common indicator list [pdf]

G – Baseline indicators fiches [pdf]

H – Output Indicator Fiches [pdf]

I – Result Indicator Fiches [pdf] - 2 updated result indicators [pdf]

J – Impact Indicator Fiches [pdf] - 2 updated impact indicators [pdf]

K – Examples of additional indicators [pdf]


Annex 4 – Other guidance

L – Frequently Asked Questions [pdf]

M – The Rural Development Evaluation network [pdf]

N - Glossary of Terms [pdf]

O – Useful Reading [pdf]

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Additional guidance

Working paper on Capturing impacts of Leader and of measures to improve Quality of Life in rural areas [pdf] (07/2010)

Explanatory Notes to the Common Evaluation Questions & Recommendations on Mid-Term Evaluation Reporting [pdf] (07/2010)

Working paper on the evaluation of National Rural Network programmes [pdf] (07/2010)

Working Paper on the CMEF Gross Value Added Indicators [pdf] (03/2010)

Working Paper on "Approaches for assessing the impacts of the RDPs in the context of multiple intervening factors" (03/2010)

  • Text [pdf]
  • Interactive version [pdf]
  • User Information Brochure [pdf]

Guidelines on the Mid-Term Evaluation of the Rural Development Programmes [pdf] (07/2009)

Guidance Document on the Application of the High Nature Value Impact Indicator: Text [pdf] - Annexes [pdf] (11/2008)




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Monitoring and evaluation

Less Favoured Area scheme




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