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Economics of rural areas

Economic Briefs

The Economic Briefs examine specific topics of interest concerning the society and the economy of the rural areas in the European Union.

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N° 10: "Let's talk about rural development money!" pdf - 403 KB [403 KB] (10/2013)

This brief provides an overview of financial programming and implementation of rural development programmes from 2007 to 2013 in the EU-27 and in candidate countries.


N° 9: "Structure and dynamics of EU farms: changes, trends and policy relevance" pdf - 429 KB [429 KB] (10/2013)

This brief takes a closer look at farm structures in the European Union, on the basis of the most recent statistics available.


N° 8: "How many people work in agriculture in the European Union?" pdf - 544 KB [544 KB] (07/2013)

This brief presents the most recent data on agricultural employment in the EU to address the key question of the number of people employed in agriculture and the main characteristics of this agricultural labour force.


N° 7:  "Women in EU agriculture and rural areas: hard work, low profile" pdf - 631 KB [631 KB]  (06/2012)

This brief attempts to examine gender equality in the rural areas of the EU, focussing on the agricultural sector.


N° 6:  "Generational renewal in EU agriculture: statistical background" pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]  (06/2012)

This brief takes a closer look at the agricultural labour force, with a view to describe the situation across the EU-27 and to underpin the need for continued policy support for generational renewal.


N° 5:  "Rural areas and the Europe 2020 strategy: employment" pdf - 811 KB [811 KB]  (11/2011)

Employment is a key element of the EU's Europe 2020 strategy.


N° 4:  "Rural areas and the Europe 2020 strategy: education" pdf - 317 KB [317 KB]  (10/2011)

This economic brief examines the latest statistics on school dropout rates among the people aged 18-24 years and the percentage of people aged 30-34 years with tertiary education in the EU-27. It focuses on the situation in rural areas and their degree of achieving the targets of the Europe 2020 strategy.


N° 3:  "Structural development in EU agriculture" pdf - 487 KB [487 KB]  (09/2011)

Structural change in agriculture is a complex phenomenon involving multiple and interlinked driving factors.


N° 2:  "What is a small farm?" pdf - 317 KB [317 KB]  (07/2011)

The brief looks at different criteria which could be used to define 'small farms', depending on the purpose of the analysis.


N° 1: "Poverty in rural areas of the EU" pdf - 811 KB [811 KB]  (05/2011)

This brief examines the latest statistics on rural poverty risks.



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