Steering Committee

28 June 2006 - Day One

Implementation of Leader +

  1. Programme of the Steering Committee Meeting [PDFen]

  2. Observatory report [PPTen]

  3. The Commission guidelines on closure of assistance (2000-2006) from the structural funds [PPTen]
    Presentation by Charles Grant (DG REGIO)



Information on next programming period 2007-2013

  1. Local development in the programming period 2007-2013 - Leader in the general framework of EU policies and structural funds (EAFRD, CAP, ERDF, ESF, FIFG, …) [PPTen]
    Presentation by Sylvie Harburger (DG REGIO-URBAN unit)

  2. Recapitulation of the implementation of the Leader axis (RDR, implementing rules, EU and national strategic documents) [PPTen]
    Presentation by Jean-Michel Courades

  3. Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) - sustainable development of fisheries areas [PPTen]
    Presentation by Christine Falter (DG FISH)


29 June 2006 - Day Two


Plenary: The importance of the transition period: the bridge to the next stage

  1. Introductory thoughts about preparing the future by Robert Lukesch, ÖAR, AT and Bernd Schuh, ÖIR, AT and discussion [PDFen] - [PPTen]



Workshop Session: How to do the bridge to the next stage?

Workshop A, Group 1:

Preparation of the mainstreaming of Leader at the national level / local level
Moderated by: Véronique Weyland-Ammeux / Rapporteur: Maria do Rosario Serafim

  1. Models of mainstreaming [PPTen]
    Jean Michel Courades


  1. Salla Rossi, Finland (MA); [PDFen] [PPTen]

  2. Francesca Cionco, Italy (MA); [PDFen] [PPTen]

  3. Inga Kolomyjska, Poland (MA); [PDFen]

  4. Helena Vojikova, Czech Republic (MA) [PDFen]


Workshop A, Group 2:


  1. Paul Keating, Ireland (NNU); [PDFen] [PPTen]

  2. Maria-Christina Makandreou, Greece (MA); [PDFen] [PPTen]

  3. Janja Kokolj, Slovenia (MA); [PPTen]

  4. Jan Swoboda, Germany (NNU); [PPTen]

  5. Marta Marczis, Hungary (NNU) [PDFen]



Plenary: "Networking” and synthesis of the workshops

  1. The first results of the Leader Networking study [PPTen]
    Presentation by Dorothée Duguet

  2. Leader network in the next programming period – expectations and obligations [PPTen]
    Presentation by Jean-Michel Courades



Workshop Session: Networking, drawing lessons from the past for the future

Workshop B, Group 1

How should the future of networking be?
Moderated by: Hans-Olof Stalgren / Rapporteur: John Edwards


  1. Peter Laan, The Netherlands (MA) [PPTen]

  2. Sigute Ramanauskaite, Lithuania (MA) [PDFen]

  3. Jan Swoboda, Germany (NNU) [PPTen]

  4. Marta Marczis, Hungary (NNU) [PDFen]


Workshop B, Group 2

Moderated by: Arne Bengt Thomsen / Rapporteur: Martin Law


  1. Rui Batista, Portugal (MA); [PDFen]

  2. Nora Gyureova, Slovakia (MA); [PDFen]

  3. Arne Bengt Thomsen, Denmark (NNU); [PDFen]

  4. Zlata Ploštajner, Slovenia (NNU); [PDFen]

  5. Workshops results by the rapporteurs

    1. Workshop A, Group 1 [PDFen]

    2. Workshop A, Group 2 [PDFen]

    3. Workshop B, Group 1 [PDFen] [PPTen]

    4. Workshop B, Group 2 [PDFen]