Here are details about the latest publications available from the Leader+ Observatory in 'pdf' format.

The European Leader+ Local Action Groups Map gives an overview of the areas covered and the themes selected by the 893 LAGs in the EU 15. Each LAG can be identified by its EU code (and) according to the Leader+ theme or combination of themes selected and officially approved. National maps are available in the Member State files.

The Leader+ Magazine is produced three times a year and is a reference for information about Leader+ projects carried, or being carried out. Case studies are presented according to the different Leader+ priority themes from a variety of member states, and you can also learn about what is happening in the new member states and important news from the Leader+ Observatory. From the above link, a search engine offers the means to find specific magazine articles according to selected criteria.

'Leader+ best practices' are a series of four publications. Each edition is made up of examples gathered by the Leader+ Observatory throughout the EU-15 with the help of the National Network Units and Managing Authorities. All the projects were selected on the basis of the European Leader+ Good Practice database, which is also available on the website.

'Flash News' provides regular news about what is happening in rural development, both in terms of Leader+ activities and interesting publications, at the European level. It's a good starting place to be informed about Leader+ and has its own interactive section where you can contribute and subscribe. Elsewhere there is access to a wide range of publications related to rural development, including EU sources, as well as those from the National Network Units.

Once selected, the links will take you either directly to the site where these publications can be found, or to the document itself in pdf format.


Leader+ Local Action Groups Map

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