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Célula de Promoción y Animación del Desarrollo Rural

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There are 18 Leader+ programmes in Spain: one national and seventeen regional ones. The Leader+ National Programme supports Local Action Groups which are located in two or more autonomous regions. It finances also networking activities carried out by the Promotion and Animation Unit (Célula de Promoción y Animación). The 17 Leader+ regional programmes are implemented in respective autonomous regions and meant for the local groups whose total territory is situated within one region. The regional programmes allow for actions 1, 2 and 4 and not for action 3 since the network activity is supported by the national programme.
While the Local Action Groups are selected by Committees composed of national, regional and local authorities’ representatives, the project selection is carried out by the LAGs themselves. However, the co-operation projects financed under regional programmes require a joint approval of the regional authorities and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. In the case of the LAGs foreseen in the national programme, the formal approval is given by the Ministry, which, however, consults the relevant regional authorities for opinion.

There is also in Spain another Leader type initiative, called PRODER, which has a common support regime as well as identical methodology and networking instruments. The 12 PRODER schemes (with 162 local programmes) are included in the Structural Funds programming for rural development, managed on the regional level and financed by national and Community funds. Moreover in Galicia there are 10 Leader type local programmes (AGADER), financed only by national funds.


  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Ministerio de Agricoltura, Pesca y Alimentación - MAPA) has an overall responsibility for the management of EAGGF-Guidance in Spain. It is the paying authority for all the programmes. All the programmes except the one for the Bask Country (which is an operational programme) are managed as global subsidies. Therefore, the Ministry plays also the role of the intermediate body for the national programme and intermediate body together with the regional administrations for the regional programmes. Such tasks are carried out through the Directorate General of Rural Development and particularly the Subdirectorate General of Strategies of Rural Development.
  • The administrations of autonomous regions play the role of managing authority for the respective regional programmes.
  • The Subdirectorate General of Social Economy of the Ministry of Agriculture acts as managing authority for the National Programme. It is also is in charge of the Célula de Promoción y Animación and fulfills the tasks of the National Network Unit.