The European Database of Local Action Groups

(The European Database of Local Action Groups is currently available in: en fr de it es nl el fi sv pt da)

Welcome to the European Database of Local Action Groups (LAGs), which provides useful information about the LAGs themselves including: contact details; description of their territory; development strategy; and cooperation.

The information about every LAG is displayed in a datasheet. You can access these datasheets either from the search engine by using the selection criteria provided, or from the Member States files page, where you can select a given LAG from its geographical location on the European Union map. Finally, you will also be able to access the datasheets from the Who's Who LAGs address list.

The information recorded in the database has been collected by the Contact Point during the first quarter of 2005. The Leader+ LAGs themselves then took part in the revision and completion process, and finally, the respective National Authorities and/or National Network Units helped in the final validation. Where appropriate, the reference ‘Not yet validated by the National Authorities’ is displayed in the datasheet. Otherwise, the information can be considered as formally validated by the relevant Managing Authority and/or the National Network Unit.

It is also planned to add information about Local Action Groups in the New Member States as and when it becomes available, and where possible along the same lines.

The LAG's information is displayed in the original language. Nevertheless, a summary in English of the description of the territory covered by the LAGs (physical and socio-economic characteristics), and its development strategy, is also planned to be included in the information validated by the National Authorities.