Seminar : "Adding value to local products".

14-18 February 2006, Grosseto, Italy.

Organised by the Leader+ Observatory, this seminar addressed the topic "Adding value to local products" to those Local Action Groups (LAGs) who have opted to carry out projects under this theme. The seminar offered the opportunity for LAGs and National Network Units to meet, exchange ideas and learn about the experiences from other Member States.


Introductory Session

Introduction to "Adding value to local products" by Mr Carlo Ricci

"Introduction to the importance of quality in the conceptualization of a territory´s image" by Ms Cécile Levret

"The development jigsaw - How to put the different pieces together" by Mr Gerallt Llewellyn Jones


Workshop A: Restructuring, labelling and modernization by Mr Reinhard Mitterbäck

Workshop B: Joint marketing actions by Elsa Neves and Samuel Thirion

Workshop C: Adding value by Hans Jørgen Jensen

Workshop D: Innovation by Prof. Kaj Mickos

Workshop E: Is there a viable future for local products? by Peter van Zutphen and Bart Soldaat

Workshop F: Tourism products - Thematic routes by Adrian Banford

Workshop G: Craft products by Christoph &Nicola Rath

Workshop H: Agriculture products "CSA - Community Supported Agriculture" by Samuel Thirion

Field visit descriptions

Introduction into the Cooperation Area by Dorothée Duguet


Roundtable 1: Transnational cooperation to promote mountain products by Cécile Levret

Roundtable 2: European shop-network -> local products going global by Manuela Sampaio, LAG ADREPES

Roundtable 3: Enhancing Innovation Part II by Tytti Siltanen

Key messages from the workshop and roundtable Sessions

Some pictures of the seminar