Seminar : "New know-how and new technologies in rural areas- Competitiveness and regional economic growth".

Organised by the Leader+ Observatory, this second seminar addressed the topic of "New know-how and new technologies - competitiveness and regional economic growth" to those Local Action Groups (LAGs) who have opted to carry out projects under this theme. The seminar offered the opportunity for LAGs and National Network Units to meet, exchange ideas and learn about the experiences from other Member States.


Programme [PDF en | de | fr]

Introductory Session

Introductory speech by Mr. Eero Uusitalo - Know-how and technologies as conditions of LAG workD


Presentation by Timo Vesiluoma “Projects, processes and clusters - new know-how and new technologies in regional development work”

Presentation Vesiluoma [PPT en]

Project Presentations

Project Presentation “Rural Transnet”

Presentation Rural Transnet [PPT en]

Action List Template [PDF en]

Legal Cooperation Document [PDF en]

Workshop A – The mainstreaming of Leader+ and innovation – The Finnish experience by Mrs. Tytti Siltanen and Mr. Eero Uusitalo

Workshop B - Welfare technology by Mr. Petri Rinne and Ms. Nina Laine

Workshop C - New technologies in the ICT-sector

Field visit presentation TEAK

Field visit presentation Nikkariskeskus – Skills and Information Center for the furniture industry

Field visit presentation Foodpark

Roundtable 1 - Transnational cooperation in waste-technologies by Mr. Matti Petty

Roundtable 2: Transnational cooperation in mainstreamed Leader+ (new EU Member States and applicant countries) by Mrs. Liisa Häme

Roundtable 3: Transnational cooperation in renewable energy by Mr. Paul Keating

Roundtable 4: Network-Building as a basis for transational cooperation by Mr. Christian Husak

Roundtable 5: Wood by Mr. Lars Kronqvist

Roundtable 6: Regional marketing by Mr. Jyrki Tiainen