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Research & Technological Development Policy

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Community Research and Development Information Service


Official title

"CORDIS - electronic information system on Community activities in Research and Technological Development (RTD)"


Legal References

Contract Notice OJ S 105 of 03.06.95 and OJ S 116 of 21.06.95 (corrigendum);

CORDIS / Award of Contracts OJ C 55 of 24.02.96.



CORDIS is a free information service provided by the European Commission's Innovation and SMEs programme, which is part of the Fifth Framework Research and Development Programme of the European Union (1998-2002).

The purpose of CORDIS is to provide information on a vast range of research, development and innovation activities undertaken on a European level. CORDIS is designed to assist researchers and enterprises and in particular, SMEs through the critical stages of technology transfer and innovation. Within the context of the FP5, CORDIS aims to promote innovation and to encourage SMEs to take part in the framework programme.

CORDIS is in its tenth year of operation. In 1994, it was one of the first European Commission services to start using the World Wide Web. In the year 2000, in line with the recent EU drive to provide extended and simplified access to the Internet (eEurope Initiative), CORDIS has been redesigned to create a more user-friendly service for a much wider audience.

CORDIS provides the facility for interested parties to:

  • keep up to date on current research and innovation initiatives of the EU, its presidencies and Member States;
  • identify possible funding sources for research and technological development;
  • find partners to cooperate in R & D activities and share expertise;
  • form transnational consortia for the exploitation of research results;romote and locate transferable technologies.
  • promote and locate transferable technologies.


As well as researchers, CORDIS is used by businesses, innovation advisers, local, national and international authorities, the media and others with a need for comprehensive, practical and reliable information on European Union research and innovation.


Types of projects

A variety of user-friendly on-line services and tools helps potential innovators to keep abreast of the latest developments and opportunities in their field, and facilitates contacts between all key players. There are ten comprehensive databases, over 30 000 web pages, thousands of useful links and contacts, search and assistance tools.

The main CORDIS services are:

    • News service which provides daily updates on all aspects of EU research and innovation initiatives and activities;

    • FP5 service, which is the central entry point to the specific thematic and horizontal programmes of FP5. They contain information on current and previous calls for proposals, national contact points, events and all the necessary background documents, application forms and software tools for accessing funding;

    • Partners - an interactive service, which allows researchers and companies to publish their partner offers and to establish international consortia - a major requirement for accessing EU funding.

    • Projects - database which contains details of some 45,000 ongoing EU-funded; projects under the previous FP4 and the current FP5 Programme;

    • A database of EU research programmes;

    • A database of exploitable results and technologies;

    • A publications database (studies, reports and scientific papers concerning EU research);

    • Contacts database, containing a catalogue of national contact points for all FP5 Programmes;

    • An acronyms file which explains the EU jargon used in R&D and innovation;

    • RAPIDUS- the EU e-mail messenger service, which can be programmed by users to alert them automatically to CORDIS updates in their fields of interest.

Within the context of a European Research Area, CORDIS stands out as an R&D gateway

    • A Council Presidency service on research and technology is developed in co-operation with the respective ministry of each country holding the EU rotating Presidency;

    • CORDIS Member State service (information transmitted by each Member State);

    • ERGO (European Research Gateways Online) -a one-stop-shop to search more than 20 national databases on research projects;

    • The Regional Research and Innovation Service hosts more than 20 regions, interested in promoting their activities and achievements in this area.


Nature and amount of financial support

A total amount of 20 MECU has been provided for the development of the information system (3 years.)

CORDIS is a free service, managed by the Innovation Directorate, part of the European Commission's Enterprise Directorate General. Funding for CORDIS comes from the Commission's Innovation and SMEs programme.



Methods of accessing CORDIS:

  • World Wide Web:
  • On-line Networks: Telnet:
    +270 442136
  • Telephone: +352 438642

Communication means

CORDIS focus magazine Available on a fortnightly basis, in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

CORDIS focus Results Supplements Published quarterly. Available in English.

Anyone can access the CORDIS website free of charge and by registering as a CORDIS user one can benefit from additional free services:

  • Partners Service

A user-friendly, map-based search facility allows searches for information on projects, partners and results by country or by region for all countries, eligible for EU research funding - EU Member States, EFTA, EEA and the CEEC plus Israel.


Other sources of information

The CORDIS Help Desk aims to maintain a central point of contact for all CORDIS users, providing assistance with using CORDIS products and services. The web pages of the CORDIS Helpdesk are a gateway to various other relevant helpdesks of the European Commission - Innovation Helpdesk, IPR-Helpdesk, LIFT Helpdesk and FP5 Programme specific helpdesk services.

CORDIS Helpdesk
B.P. 2373
L-1023 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 44 10 12 2240
Fax: +352 44 10 12 2248


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