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Agricultural Policy and Rural Development

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CAP information measures

Information activities in the field of the Common Agricultural Policy


Official title

"Information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy"

Legal references

  • Council Regulation (EC) No 814/2000 of 17 April 2000 on information measures relation to the Common Agricultural Policy. (OJ L100 of 20.04.2000)
  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 1390/2000 of 29 June 2000 laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation (EC) No 814/2000. (OJ L158 of 30.06.2000)
  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 1557/2001 of 30 July 2001 laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation (EC) No 814/2000. (OJ L205 of 31.07.2001)
  • Call for proposals (2000/C 213/04) Support for information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy. (OJ C213 of 26.7.2000)
  • Call for proposals (2001/C 215/09) Support for information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy. (OJ C215 of 1.8.2001)


In order to give an overall picture of the Common Agricultural Policy and its developments, the information activities aim to supply coherent, objective and comprehensive information, both inside and outside the Community. The issues surrounding the Common Agricultural Policy should be explained to both farmers and other parties directly concerned as well as to the general public.

Eligible applicants

Depending on the measure, farmers' or rural development organisations, consumers' associations and environmental associations that are non-governmental and non-profit making as well as universities and the media may present an application for funding, as far as they have been established in a Member State for at least two years. Public authorities of the Member States may also apply for funding.


The Commission shall publish a call for proposals in the Official Journal each year by 31 July.
The first call for proposals was published on 26 July 2000 in OJ C 213.

  • Deadline for annual work programmes: 31 October 2000
  • Deadline for specific measures: 30 September 2001

The second call for proposals was published on the 1 August 2001 in OJ C 215.

  • Deadline for both the annual work programmes and specific measures is the 31 October 2001. However, provided funds are available in the budget applications for specific measures may also be submitted between 1 and 30 April 2002.

Annual work programmes under the first call should be completed by the 30 April 2002. The individual measures must take place between 1 April 2001 and 30 April 2002.
Under the second call, annual work programmes and individual measures should begin by the 1 April 2002 and end by the 31 March 2003 (including preparation and follow-up)

Eligible measures

The Community may finance information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy that aim at:

a) helping to explain, implement and develop the Common Agricultural Policy;
b) promoting the European model of agriculture and helping people to understand it;
c) informing farmers and other parties in rural areas;
d) raising public awareness of the issues and objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy.

The 2001 call for proposals lays down the following priorities for the year 2002:

  • to accompany the implementation of the Agenda 2000 reforms, providing information on the medium- and long-term development of the CAP, including measures relating to the mid-term review.
  • to provide information about the agricultural aspects of enlargement, both in the European Community and in the countries applying for accession;
  • to enhance awareness among the farming community and the general public about the implications of the multilateral trade negotiations, and to inform public opinion in our major trade partners about how the CAP really operates.

The information shall be targeted at the farming sector in Europe, the general public in the Member States, the farming sector and the general public in the candidate countries and the general public in the EU's main trade partners.

There are three types of measures:

1) Annual work programmes which are presented, in particular, by farmers' or rural development organisations, consumers' associations and environmental protection associations.
2) Specific measures presented by any party other than those referred to in point 1, in particular the public authorities of the Member States, the media and universities.
3) Activities implemented at the Commission's initiative.

The measures shall include seminars, information visits, publications, media actions and productions, participation in international events and programmes for the exchange of experience.
Profit-making measures, general assemblies or statutory meetings and measures, which are required by law or which already receive financing under another Community operation may not receive funding.

Scope and level of assistance

The budget for 2002 will not be approved before the end of the year. However, the work programmes should not involve an application for a grant of less than EUR 25 000 or more than EUR 500 000 and for specific measures not less than EUR 5000 or more than EUR 100 000.
Grants shall be awarded on an annual basis. The maximum co-financing rate shall be 50% of the eligible costs. In exceptional cases, however, the rate may be increased to 75% of the eligible costs for a specific measure or for one or more measures contained in a programme. Preference shall be given to measures implemented in rural areas.


The Commission shall select the applications to receive Community financing on the basis of the quality of the project and its cost-effectiveness. It will monitor and check the financed measures and ensure that they are properly and efficiently implemented. The Commission's representatives shall be authorised to make on-the-spot checks.

The Commission shall be assisted by the Committee for the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF). Every two years the Commission shall present a report on the implementation of the CAP information measures to the European Parliament and the Council. The first report must be presented not later than 31 December 2001.

Communication means

The official texts, the call for proposals for 2002, the application form and other relevant documents can be downloaded from:

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