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In addition to the operational programmes of Objectives 1, 5b and 6 and the LEADER Community Initiative, there exists a whole range of other Community provisions which may be of interest to rural players. These provisions may be incorporated in rural development and agricultural policy (Objective 5a and CAP accompanying measures) or in the framework of other Community policies.

With this “Community actions and rural development” directory, the LEADER European Observatory aims to disseminate as widely as possible the actions, measures, programmes, regulations, etc. implemented by the European institutions and which may concern rural development.

Prepared in close collaboration with the different services concerned, this document is meant to be an operational tool to facilitate the access of development players to the many forms of Community support available.

Each programme measure, etc is therefore the subject of a concise fact sheet containing:

  • the official title of the programme concerned and the references needed to find the original legal text;
  • the target objectives;
  • the nature and amount of financial aid allocated;
  • eligibility criteria;
  • access procedures (invitations to tender, deadline for filing applications, etc.);
  • complementary information sources if necessary;
  • name and contact details of the services to be contacted at the European level.

In some cases, the fact sheet also describes an example of action in rural areas.

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Table of contents

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