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Women, equal opportunities and rural development


  • Editorial:
    Franz Fischler,
    Member of the Commission of the European Communities, with responsibility for Agriculture and Rural Development, announces new measures in favour of rural women.

  • Spotlight: Austria
    Rural policy in the "Alpine Republic". An interview with Helga Konrad, Federal Minister for Women's Affairs.

  • Equal partners in development
    Mary Braithwaite looks at the situation of women living in rural areas and the various ways of promoting equal opportunities in rural development projects.

  • Equal opportunities for men and women: a European ambition by Marie Jouffe

  • Women and rural development: the experience of LEADER I Many women have been direct beneficiaries under LEADER I.

  • Women living in rural Norte (Portugal): lagging behind, assistance needed
    In northern Portugal, alongside tourism, employment in the traditionally female areas seems to be the only way for women to take part in the formal economy. We meet women in three different LEADER areas in Norte: Alto Cávado, Alto Tâmega and Basto.

  • Jämtland (Sweden): where women take the initiative
    In this sparsely populated region, women are often the driving force behind development initiatives.

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