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The added value of LEADER




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Franz Fischler, Member of the European Commission in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development


LEADER added value: Acting locally and globally
The LEADER approach to rural development is for the most part based on proximity and the creation of links. These two specific dimensions of the Initiative have enabled a large number of marginalised rural areas to turn what until recently were considered weaknesses and handicaps into resources and opportunities. Going a step further by helping take advantage of these assets at the global level is another added value of the LEADER Initiative. This article will examine this, until now, little explored dimension of LEADER.


LEADER, spearheading the diversification of Kalambaka-Pyli (Thessaly, Greece): The spark
The world-famous Meteora and the tourist flows that they generate are not enough to sustain the development of the region of Kalambaka. In the vanguard to support the diversification of the local economy, LEADER has helped fund a whole series of infrastructure projects.

Local dynamics, innovative products and cooperation in Central Tavastland (Finland): Natural networks
Creating a network for village initiatives, innovative producers and tour operators is the very essence of the LEADER intervention in this fragile rural area of southern Finland.


LEADER Magazine no.23 - Summer 2000

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