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LEADER I and tourism: some examples

Eco-tourism: the Daun Volcano Centre
document type: case study
keywords: tourism, environnement
source: LEADER technical dossier
last update:3/95

The Eifel mountain range in Western Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate) is home to 240 extinct volcanoes, 200 of which are in the Daun LEADER area. This concentration makes the area a unique geological microcosm for the observation of three volcanic waves, the most recent of which took place some 10 000 years ago.

This rural area is already a tourist attraction, with 356,000 visitors and 2 million overnight stays in 1992. The LAG is seeking to consolidate and diversify this existing tourism trade. Volcanology is the obvious theme to develop.

The "Geo-Zentrum Vulkaneifel" project (Eiffel Volcanic and Geological Centre) was launched in January 1992 and plans to be operational in May 1995. It is managed by the Vulkaneifel Touristik & Werbung Gmbh (VTG - Vulkaneifel Tourism Promotion Board), which is subject to the Daun Landkreis (District). The aim is to create a tourist, scientific and educational centre revolving around the theme of volcanoes.

The "Geo-Zentrum Vulkaneifel" forms part of a strategy for sustainable development and for optimisation and protection of the natural heritage. It should help extend tourism to new target groups.

Located in the old town house of Daun, it will be the epicentre of an existing network of routes on four themes (geology, volcanology, environment and balneology). This network includes 150 km of walking and cycle paths, giving access to 50 sites with interpretation panels, two signposted road routes and a "geological park" in the small spa of Gerolstein. Guided visits are organised every weekend from March to September.

More specifically, it will act as a resource centre offering a wide range of high level scientific and educational activities relating to geology: university meetings, documentation centre, organisation of excursions for specific groups (researchers, students, etc.). For the general public, the Geo-Zentrum will have a Volcano Museum, with models, three-dimensional maps, interactive tables and electromechanical devices giving an artificial reconstruction of volcanic phenomena (eruption, crater formation, stereoscopic evolution, etc.). The fitting out of the rooms and the museum equipment have been financed by LEADER I.

Group name: Daun (DE10)

Project type: Environmental museum

Total cost: 834 000 ECU

Private: 333 600 ECU

Public (Land): 250 200 ECU

LEADER I: 250 200 ECU

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