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Marketing Quality Rural Tourism

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document type: article
keywords: tourism
source: LEADER technical dossier
last update:3/95

In any case, the problem of marketing is less a problem of tools than a problem of marketing strategy for the LAGs, less for them than for the partners in the channel because in general the LAGs' role is not to create its own tourism marketing firm.

What has been learnt from the various LEADER activities on the theme of tourism is from this point of view very pragmatic:

- the rural tour operators have to learn to work with the professional distribution networks because they cannot be by-passed when there are large volumes to distribute.

The LAGs' role consists in this case in establishing the terms of a partnership between the local producers and the distributors;

the LAGs should, on the other hand, facilitate direct marketing on the nearby markets by proposing simple products and short stays, while ensuring promotion of their area with strong territorial identities and first-class service.

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