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Unifying theme(s),
integrated territorial development



In a word...
Jose Manuel Silva Rodriguez, Director General for Agriculture at the European Commission


Turning unifying themes into development levers
Choosing one or more “unifying themes” to build a development strategy can prove effective if this choice is based on participation, integration and openness to change. A theme is a means, not an end in itself.


Making the most of the environment and “cultural landscape", the focal point of the LEADER group of Nord-Saarland (Germany): Applied ecology
Finding ways to use local natural and cultural resources, supporting the commercialisation of organic and farmhouse products in short distribution channels, raising awareness of the quality of the environment, promoting renewable sources of energy are all at the heart of LEADER’s environmentally oriented intervention in North Saarland.

Wool, tourism and Romanesque heritage, three favourite themes of LEADER Anglona-Monte Acuto (Sardinia, Italy): From community revitalisation to transnational cooperation
Nature, agriculture, crafts and heritage are key resources of Sardinia. In the northern section of the island, the LEADER group of Anglona-Monte Acuto has focused on three fields of action and cooperation: finding new ways to use wool, organising a rural tourism network and promoting its Romanesque heritage. The “hunt” for potential projects, the creation of an innovative financial instrument and the optimal use of the transnational cooperation possibilities offered by LEADER II seem to have established a sustainable dynamic for the development of this area.


LEADER Magazine no.24 - Autumn 2000

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