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Assessing the added value of the LEADER approach

Chapter 4
Information needs at the national/regional and European level


4.4. The innovative character of actions


a) Defining the "rules of the game"

Did the administration provide guidelines on:

  • defining innovation?
  • the methods for identifying innovative actions?
  • the type of actions to be favoured?
  • distinguishing between innovative actions and innovative methods?
  • the procedures for selecting innovation?

b) Identifying best practice

  • Compare and identify models and best practices; identify the types of innovation implemented (see the four criteria in section 3.4.); explain the differences; which sectors, areas and individuals generate the most interesting innovations?

  • Have they contributed to:

    • new market opportunities?
    • a diversification of the rural economy?
    • constructive linkages with other programmes?
    • new opportunities arising from the attractiveness of the area?
    • new services for the most sparsely populated areas?

  • Did this mainly involve adaptive innovation? Were transfers and model functions used?

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