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Assessing the added value of the LEADER approach

"Rural Innovation"
Dossier n°4
LEADER European Observatory

Table of contents



Chapter 1: Some reminders about LEADER and its evaluation

  • 1.1 Guidelines for evaluating LEADER: two different requirements
  • 1.2 An example to illustrate the importance of identifying the specific features of LEADER

Chapter 2: Identifying LEADER's specific features

  • 2.1 Definition of the specific features and their linkage with the programme and the factors of development
  • 2.2 The information needs of the different levels (from the local to the European). Are they different in respect of the specific features?

Chapter 3: Questions and evaluation issues for each specific feature

  • 3.1 The area-based approach
  • 3.2 The bottom-up approach
  • 3.3 The local group
  • 3.4 The innovative character of actions
  • 3.5 The actions: linkages and multi-sectoral character
  • 3.6 Networking and Transnational Cooperation
  • 3.7 Methods of management and financing

Chapter 4: Information needs at the national/regional and European level

  • 4.1 The area-based approach
  • 4.2 The bottom-up approach
  • 4.3 The local group
  • 4.4 The innovative character of actions
  • 4.5 The actions: linkages and multi-sectoral character
  • 4.6 Networking and Transnational Cooperation
  • 4.7 Methods of management and financing



This document is the product of a working group,
which met on three occasions, involving
Elena Saraceno (CRES, Italy),
Otmar Seibert (Fachhochschule Weihenstephan Triedorf, Germany),
Richard Hummelbrunner (ÖAR, Austria),
Samuel Thirion (INDE, Portugal),
Gilda Farrell, Jean-Pierre Vercruysse (LEADER European Observatory)
and various officials from the European Commissions.
It was drafted by Elena Saraceno.
Yves Champetier, Jean-Luc Janot and
Jean-Pierre Vercruysse helped in the final stages
of the document. Production coordination: Christine Charlier.

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