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Developing rural services

"Rural Innovation"
Dossier n°5
LEADER European Observatory




This guide is the result of work carried out by AEIDL since 1995, and includes:

  • The LEADER seminar “New rural services” organised in Växjö (Sweden) on 27-31 March 1996;

  • a working group on services in rural areas set up by the LEADER European Observatory and the CELAVAR (Comité d’Etude et de Liaison des Associations à Vocation Agricole et Rurale/Study and Liaison Committee for Agricultural and Rural Associations, France). Co-ordinated by Gilda Farrell, Deputy Director of the LEADER European Observatory, the group was composed of Jacqueline Mengin, Pascal Vin and Alain Chanard (CELAVAR), André Faggion (TELIDE, France), Helga Jäger (Germany), Jan Olson (LEADER national training unit, Sweden), Claudio Tassoni (Institute of Management of Social Services of the municipality of Castel San Pietro (Emilia-Romagna, Italy).

The guide was written by Gilda Farrell and Samuel Thirion (INDE, Portugal), taking account of the different contributions. Yves Champetier and Jean-Luc Janot (LEADER European Observatory) participated in the final stages of this document. Production coordination: Christine Charlier.

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