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Developing rural services

Part 3
Some tools


Tool sheet 1
Turning the analysis of rural services into a capacity building tool


The tool presented here was prepared by the
Millevaches (Limousin, France) LEADER group.
The original document, to be analysed with
the inhabitants, consists of a set of maps
indicating the evolution of the population
and of the services present in the area.

The document is accompanied by maps indicating distances between different points, whose purpose is to highlight the amount of travel involved in accessing services situated in urban centres.

The objective of the maps is to identify with the population:

  • eventual gaps between supply and demand in terms of distance;

  • the evolution of the services in the last 10 or 20 years and to draw conclusions in terms of improvement or deterioration of the services supplied;

  • solutions allowing certain services in remote rural areas to be retained, e.g. by grouping the demand of several districts or introducing mobile services, etc.

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