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Developing rural services

Part 2
Implementing local services in rural areas


Part 1 demonstrated to what extent meeting the service needs of rural communities can be complex and difficult.

In this second part, some proposals are put forward for methodological reflection regarding the implementation of local services that form part of an area project.

Section one (2.1) is especially concerned with analysing the situation in terms of supply and demand. This is the starting point for defining objectives and a strategy at the rural area level. Section two (2.2) presents methodological elements relative to implementation with a view to filling in the gaps between supply and demand. Section three (2.3) provides some elements for reflection on the role of LEADER groups in the implementation of local services.

This part analyses the existing room for manoeuvre for the creation and safeguarding of services in the face of structural constraints in rural areas and of the general contextual changes. In addition, it reflects on the priorities and on the possibilities of establishing complementarities with urban centres.

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