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From strategy to action:
project selection

Chapter 3
Project selection in the area coordination process


3.2 Local partnerships and project selection


Forming local partnerships and project selection are two complementary ways of involving local actors: whilst the first is a very hands-on and relatively restrictive form of mobilisation, project selection aims towards a "lighter" and much broader involvement of local actors.

In the form it takes, project selection is heavily dependent on the local partnership's ways of operating. Both approaches are actually solutions to specific concerns (see the file "Organising local partnerships", LEADER European Observatory, 1997).



Main concern

Local partnership

Method of selecting projects


    The Kozani LEADER group (Greece), run by a development agency (ANKO) bringing together many regional institutions, has concerns mainly relating to planning and developing the area;

    The Serrania de Ronda LAG (Spain) is a local development association bringing together a broad spread of local actors - individual and collective - and slowly integrating them into associations which gradually become their representatives within the "Junta Directiva", a decision-making body of the LAG. Concerns relating to structuring the local society therefore exist, both in terms of the local partnership and project selection.

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