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From strategy to action:
project selection

Chapter 1
The various methods of project selection


1.2 Types of projects and beneficiaries


The projects financed and their beneficiaries differ considerably between LEADER groups. They can also differ within the same group.

The projects can either be joint or individual, and aim to exploit an historic site or install leisure facilities as well as to group services under the same roof or computerise a company. In the same way, the leaders of these projects can be individuals, companies, cooperatives, associations, public institutions, etc.

The typology of the projects and their beneficiaries is the expression of the strategy specific to each local group.

For example, in the Ouest-Aveyron area (France), 20% of projects funded in the context of LEADER I were projects organised by municipalities, 27% were coordinated by other public institutions, 24% were associative projects and 29% were private projects. More than 50% of these projects concerned "immaterial" investments (creation, communication and promotion of products, assistance and advice, strategic support, etc.).

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