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From strategy to action:
project selection



The approach proposed by LEADER enables often sophisticated forms of project selection to be introduced, but which can be adapted to the realities of each area and their development strategy. It contributes to the readjustment (social, geographical, ecological, etc.) of the areas and to the strengthening of area dynamics (mobilisation, trust, unity of actors, joint references, etc.), vital for taking advantage of the new opportunities which are being offered to the rural environment.

The approach introduced by LEADER is essentially based on an approach built around the distribution of decisions between the partners united within the LAG, and, more broadly speaking, around permanent dialogue with the local actors and potential beneficiaries (pro-active approach, assistance in selection, etc.).

What is important for the LEADER groups is for them to find criteria and methods of intervention which are relevant to the level of mobilisation and a reflection of the potential beneficiaries, in order to gradually commit the areas to keeping on the road to sustainable development.

This ability to adapt is an essential component for success. However, it presupposes a certain degree of autonomy as well as administrative and adapted financial methods of operating. These conditions would make the work of the local action groups in LEADER II more effective and would certainly be worth improving in the next Community initiative for rural development.

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