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Organising local partnerships

Chapter 2
Principles, rules and foundations
of a successful partnership


2.2 Building one's partnership


    2.2.1 Funding as a trigger element

The LEADER Community Initiative has played a key role in strengthening or setting up joint working authorities. Two situations are possible depending on the degree of preparation of the local groups:

  • either there already existed before LEADER a discussion and maturing process, with the result that the Initiative is an opportunity to give concrete expression to the ideas and assumptions elaborated, and to formalise a local partnership. From the start, a partnership for coordinating development takes shape and in a way, LEADER plays the role of revealing the potential;

  • or this process did not exist and LEADER leads to the creation of a partnership.
    In this case, it will most often be a management partnership, which may or may not evolve towards a partnership for coordinating development. If it does not evolve, it will disappear along with LEADER; at best, it will become a pool of knowledge and skills.

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