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Organising local partnerships

Chapter 1
From programme management to the
coordination of local development


1.4 The consequences of opening up


The diversity created by opening up the partnership allows different skills and access to means and to actors from different sectors to be brought together. It also enables actors to come up with ideas and intervene in the area in a new way, which each actor individually is unable to do.

Although what is systematically sought is the complementarity of different skills, which is of obvious interest, each partnership nevertheless develops its own vision of the diversity of skills.

Associating different ways of seeing and reasoning is generally less expressed but plays a determining role in the ability to create and innovate local partnership.

The diversity of the partners also allows different sectors of activity and means to be combined, notably between financial, physical and human resources. This combination is an innovative factor in rural areas.


Summary TABLE: Local partnerships, the driving force behind innovations
Awareness Points of view Interests Abilities to mobilise Know-how
People and voluntary sectors of the social and cultural aspects on listening and dialogue in people, quality of life human resources coordination of discussion
Businesses of the economic aspects on the time/efficiency factor in the markets, economic profitability financial resources and private heritage
management and development

Public institutions and local authorities of the political and institutional aspects on the general interest in planning and providing facilities for the area (economic, cultural, environmental) financial resources and public heritage institutional support
improved readingsof the area new combinations of ideas more mature projects a more effective implementation a better durability of the actions


highlighting unsuspected opportunities germs of innovation integrating the interests of the different social groups and creating social cohesion guaranteeing better risk management based on the ability to be constantly renewed

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