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Organising local partnerships

Chapter 1
From programme management to the
coordination of local development


1.2 Management partnerships, coordination partnerships


Whether an initiative by individuals, private businesses or a public initiative, two types of partnership logic which are continuous (evolution), much more than conflicting, can be identified:

  • on the one hand, a management partnership, whose objective is closely linked to allocating, distributing and consuming a budget. This partnership is generally born of a circumstantial opportunity (programme, exceptional funding, etc.). It is limited in time and in its objective. It follows a project logic (to find and involve suppliers of means and know-how in the concrete assembly of an operation). This is therefore a purely technical-economic logic;

  • on the other hand, a partnership coordinating development or identity at the service of a local development action involving an area, its survival and its promotion. This partnership aims to create a social project. It is based on an educational and rallying approach which takes time. Its objective is therefore to raise citizen awareness, to modify behaviours and to obtain a responsible commitment from as many people as possible.

The development coordination partnership is extremely diverse and evolves over time. It is constantly influenced by the management partnership, which sometimes responds better to certain needs such as:

  • short-term efficiency and the projects' need for funding,
  • administrative and political pressures,
  • the quantitative criteria of the assessment processes.


AIMS and OBJECTIVES Obtaining, distributing and consuming a budget Identifying and mobilising the local actors
DYNAMICS and LOGICS Presenting an application eligible for a procedure Widening the basis of the development
RESULTS and effects EXPECTED Carrying out a programme Innovating and boosting
COMPOSITION and OPENING Closed partnership between a few people Opening reasoned around ideas and themes

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