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Rural Development in
the Information Society


Advanced communications technologies and local development : opportunities... on certain conditions
Patricia Vendramin and Gérard Valenduc look at the use of information and communication technologies, the challenges they present and the potential they offer, but also their limits from a local development perspective.

"Introducing IT in Longford"
Monica O'Malley [Longford LEADER, Ireland]

"The future depends on training"
Werner Kräutler [Sall-Wöll-Ötztal LEADER, Tyrol, Austria]

"The PARALELO 40 tourist reservation department"
Malaquías Jiménez Ramírez [La Manchuela LEADER, Castile-La Mancha, Spain]

Using the Internet to develop the Gâtine: The "Gâtinautes "
In the Pays de Gâtine LEADER area (Poitou-Charentes, France), virtual networks exist alongside the very dense web of local solidarity networks, thereby strengthening the integration and effectiveness of the implemented rural development actions.

METASA, MIND, IMAGINE... Europe helps small towns get connected: the example of Parthenay

When IT breaks the isolation and creates jobs: live local, work global
Betting on advanced communications technologies, the Western Isles, Skye & Lochalsh LEADER group has facilitated the creation of more than 200 teleworking jobs in the Hebrides, in North-West Scotland.

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