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Innovation and Rural Development

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Chapter 1: The concept of innovation applied to rural areas

  • Innovation, a new solution to the problems of rural areas?
  • Innovation in three directions
  • A more positive general context

Chapter 2: The stages of the innovation process

  • Clarifying the context
  • From the creation of an innovative idea to its gradual collective appropriation
  • From the innovative idea to the project
  • From the project to its implementation
  • Ensuring that the change is viable
  • Successes and fa i l u res of the innovative pro c e s s
  • Knowing how to manage conflicts to create the necessary synergies

Chapter 3: Innovation, a process of a fundamentally social nature

  • Comparison of the local and the global
  • The creation of new learning mechanisms
  • Negotiation between actors and/or institutions
  • New common references
  • When the rules of the game change
  • The snowball effect

Chapter 4: Three examples to illustrate the innovation process

Chapter 5: Innovation as a result

  • Three types of innovative action for the area, which lead to different but interdependent results
  • The development spiral

Chapter 6: Innovation and context

  • Innovation in the different types of context
  • Context and complexity of innovative actions


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