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Global tendencies, local responses


In a word...
Laurent Van Depoele, Head of Rural Development I, European Commission

Rural renewal in Europe: global tendencies and local responses
John Bryden shows that the "global" changes taking place in our society are also bringing new development perspectives for rural areas. Two accounts from Greece and Luxembourg are presented.

"Beyond the Meteors",
Panos Patras [Kalabaka-Pyli, Thessaly, Greece]

"Developing local resources in an integrated and sustainable fashion",
Fons Jacques [LEADER Redaye-Wiltz, Luxembourg]

A thousand opportunities around a thousand lakes: the RaJuPuSu LEADER group combines environment and development
In the RaJuPuSu LEADER area in Finland, nature remains the principal source of economic opportunity. LEADER is helping to establish new commercial markets in farming, forestry and tourism.

Sustainably managing the environment at local level: the RaJuPuSu "Environmental Pilot"

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