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Local financing in rural areas

[ Summary ]


Chapter 3:
Achievements and limitations
of LEADER experiences


3.3 Application of Structural Fund regulations
concerning financial engineering


A European regulation provides for the Structural Funds to be used for financial engineering [25].

Very few LEADER groups have availed themselves of this possibility. However, there are several examples that demonstrate the diverse advantages of this formula. LEADER has funded some of these initiatives, whilst others have been carried out by LEADER groups but with recourse to Structural Funds not related to LEADER.

  • 3.3.1 Three examples of financial engineering by LEADER groups

  • 3.3.2 Comparative analysis of the three examples

  • 3.3.3 General characteristics of financial engineering under LEADER


[25] The principles, together with some of
the operating rules, are described in two factsheets
published in the Official Journal of the European
Communities, no. 146/80 of 5 June 1997: factsheet
no. 18 (“Financial Engineering: guarantee funds”)
and factsheet no. 19 (“Financial Engineering:
venture capital funds”).

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