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Local financing in rural areas

[ Summary ]


Chapter 1:
Local financing - needs and issues


1.5 Conclusion


The problem of financing is a general one not restricted to rural areas

As we have seen, local financing is not only a fundamental problem for rural areas but it is also an eminently complex one. The gap between supply and demand can vary widely and the ways to overcome it call for the implementation of some highly diverse solutions. However, within this complexity, it is becoming increasingly clear that the solutions must involve the creation of links that go beyond just the local level.

In other words, LEADER-type rural areas do not have enough of a critical mass to resolve all of the problems of local financing. Links must be found in particular with urban areas. This is all the more necessary since a proliferation of alternative financing offerings is now emerging in urban areas, whereas rural areas have remained largely untouched by this trend. The following chapter examines the types of financial provision available today, also taking into account urban offerings that may be accessible to project promoters in rural areas or could help construct new decentralized financial offerings in rural areas.

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