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Fighting social exclusion in rural areas

[ Summary ]


Chapter 3:
Taking action against social exclusion in
rural areas: what methods? what tools?


3.6 Conclusion


These locally targeted actions are opening up new prospects which are likely to be consolidated in a wider area-based approach. However, certain conditions are necessary for this, and they can only be obtained gradually by widening the action.

The CILDEA association wants to move from a curative approach to a preventive approach, and this implies creating a more solid partnership that covers the entire area so that the associationís concerns are more largely shared. This process is currently under way.

However, before arriving at an area-based approach to fight social exclusion, a number of difficulties along the road still have to be overcome. Under what conditions is the move towards this approach possible? What has to be done to make the fight against social exclusion a common practice integrated in the territorial approaches? These are questions that will be examined in chapter IV.

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